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We are Eummena

We empower people

We leverage technology to unlock human capital

We seek to push the boundaries of education for the life-long learning society

Who we are

A motivated team of Expert Thinkers, Learners, and Doers

We are at the forefront of future learning and R&D for applying excellence and facilitating the digital market growth across Europe.

We facilitate transfer of technical know-how and practical, hands-on expertise to the MENA region and across the globe.


Eummena was incorporated in Beligum in 2011, as an ASBL (association sans but lucratif), a research and development association under the Belgian law, with international operations. We have been on a Quest for Unlocking Human Potential ever since.

Started as a spinoff from the research unit on human-computer interaction of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Eummena’s headquarters are strategically established in the KULeuven campus, in the heart of the Leuven Mindgate fertile ground for innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship.

What we do

Eummena brings together experts in the areas of technology-enhanced learning, learning technologies standardisation, e-learning resources, e-content, metadata for skills records, job profiles, and learning opportunities, strategies for lifelong learning and personal development, awareness raising and policy making.

All experts work together in Eummena’s teams to provide targetted innovation and successful implementations.

Eummena is activelly engaged in international research and provides services to companies, public institutions and educational organisations for the planning and implementation of meaningful strategies for the digital market and the information society.

In short

Key Focus Areas

  • technology-enhanced learning
  • learning technologies standardisation
  • learning management systems
  • lean UX design, from idea to implementation
  • e-content and digital marketplaces
  • metadata for skills records, job profiles, and learning opportunities
  • strategies for lifelong learning and personal development
  • agile open source software development
  • international research, awareness raising and policy making

Our Mission and Values

  • We employ research and technology to accomplish great impact and disrupt the status quo.
  • We are on a mission to advance human capital.
  • We love our work, but we don’t work in isolation.
  • We love technology, but not as much as humans.
  • We empower visionaries to lead meaningful projects and products.
  • We power the world’s best.

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