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Eummena is now a certified Moodle Partner

Moodle welcomes non-profit European research corporation Eummena to the Moodle Partner Program original Media Release from Moodle HQ, Perth, Australia, 3-Sep-2019 Moodle - the world’s open source learning platform welcomes the non-profit European research corporation Eummena to the Moodle Partner Program Eummena will join the Moodle Partner program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) effective immediately. Eummena offers a wide range of Moodle services to organisations across Europe and the Middle East - North Africa (MENA) region.

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Eummena in the 1st Palestine Creative AI Week

It was just one week ago, when we travelled to Ramallah in Palestine, to be a part of the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Week, ever organized in Palestine! We have been honoured to be invited to participate in the first AI & Machine Learning Week in Palestine, it was co-organized by Eummena and Palestine Technopark. The event was hosted in Birzeit University. As part of our quest for unlocking human potential and transferring our experiences, we travelled to Ramallah with a team of experts, on AI, Machine Learning and Business Modelling.

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Eummena has a new website

In order to improve loading performance and ensure better security, the Eummena website has been completely rewritten. It now uses Hugo, a static site generator, instead of WordPress. Using a static site generator has several advantages over the use of a CMS, including The website is more efficient and very fast to display for users, The maintenance of the web server is much simpler, since there is no dynamic language or database; we gain in robustness and resilience, There are no security problems related to dynamic languages or databases.

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OECD Skills Outlook 2019 Report

The report presents digitalisation as a great potential to boost productivity. With comprehensive and coordinated policies, countries can establish a ground for the new technologies into better outcomes for the society. Also, this great potential means that with digitisation inequalities might increase if some regions or some people are left behind. Some Key Highlights of the Report, are the following: Literacy, numeracy and problem solving skills in technological environment is key to reap most benefits of internet use and to use internet in a diversified and complex ways.

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PISA redefining testing standards

It is right now a question on how to approach assessment and measurement policies in light of the recent changes of the new competencies that are becoming of interest in the education community. Eummena is actively involved in undertaking research and providing assessment solutions for this new shift. Eummena is currently advising its partners and customers on how to shape accordingly their assessment tools, EdTech strategies, and digital skills initiatives.

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Eummena @BETT 2019

Much like this DMC DeLorean that you see in our featured photo, symbolising this very future of education! We hopped inside, set the destination year, and launched ourselves towards what the future holds! We played teacher games in the Edmodo booth and got our free t-shirts to remember our experience, we chatted with the people from Frog, paid a visit at Google, to check out their VR, and frequented the BETT Arena, absorbing all the great talks that were hosted there over the days!

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In Eummena, each project is an opportunity to contribute in pursuit of meaningful outcomes.

Ariadne Moodle Search Widget

Once the teacher is logged into a course, the widget recommends her/him with some interesting educational resources from the entire Ariadne and Globe repositories (based on simple default search keywo ...

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The ECVET CMF, is a Capability Maturity Framework that has been designed to allow VET related organisations, to track their performance and to assure and control the quality of the integration of the ...

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Is linked to interesting green/agri- information sources; trainers can use tools to import resources from relevant repositories; and much more! Source Code ...

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