• Ariadne Moodle Search Widget

The Ariadne Moodle Search widget enables teachers to have access to learning resources of the ARIADNE ecosystem of digital repositories (including all resources from www.globe-info.org) from within their Moodle courses. This easy to use widget makes teachers aware of open educational resources that are available out there and that are contributed by institutions and peers interested in the subject of the course. In other words, teachers are creating their courses in Moodle, so we make the educational resources come to their working environment rather than asking them to go and search for them on a search portal of a repository.


Ariadne Moodle Search Widget

  • Posted on 24 May 2017 by Eummena
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  • Once the teacher is logged into a course, the widget recommends her/him with some interesting educational resources from the entire Ariadne and Globe repositories (based on simple default search keywords automatically extracted from course title).
  • The widget provides descriptive important information (metadata) about the resource to decide if it is relevant or not.
  • The widget enables sharing the resource via the social media channels and more importantly it enables the teacher to import it into the Moodle course and automatically updates the students via the Moodle news block about the new added course material/resource.
  • Once a teacher activates the Ariadne Widget for a particular course, the widget recommends all Ariadne resources which are related to the course based on the course title.
  • The teacher can also change the search keywords and launch a new query.
  • When clicking on one of Ariadne resources, a pop-up window shows up providing some information about the recourse so the teacher can decide if it is relevant to that course or not.
  • Teachers can share their own comment with their students using the additional comment text area. In addition, they can also share the comment with other teachers who use Ariadne Widget by checking “Share my comment” check box.
  • So when teachers import that recourse, their comments are shown to students with the imported recourse.
  • If teachers want to use other comments from other teachers , they can click on “+ comments” at the bottom of the pop-up window, then it expands and shows more comments.
  • Each comment is shown by date and publisher, so teachers can only check the checkbox beside each comment and choose what to use (and show with the recourse they chose).
  • For example, to use one of the comments and use it in a particular course, teacher needs to check the checkbox as follows:
  • To get more results of Ariadne repository, the teacher can click on “more results” below the result column, so it shows more results (more recourse).
  • The widget also allows teachers to share Ariadne recourses on public networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn…
Ariadne Moodle Search Widget

Ariadne Moodle Search Widget

In each pop up window; there is a button “view recourse” that goes to the link where that particular resource is taken from. The resources can also be rated by teachers using the rating stares below the resource description. This helps other teachers to easily get access to highly ranked resources and improve Ariadne repository.