• Moodle Workplace

Empower your organization with personalised and collaborative learning experiences

Enhance the employee learning experience

Moodle Workplace help you can create seamless learning culture and experiences across devices.

Employees can continually learn new skills and respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Conduct change with an intuitive User Experience

Moodle Workplace helps you offer strong user experience enabling administrators and users to effortlessly navigate the platform and perform the intended actions in a few clicks.

Monitor learner engagement and progress

With Analytics, get insights into the progress of learners and ensure learning outcomes. Viewing trends of participation, submissions and other data can assist educators improve the elearning experience, vastly helping retention rates and learners’ successes.

Rigorous Security measures to prevent and mitigate any risks and effectively deal with any challenges on the learning platform.

Build your learning and professional programs

Programs enable you to design learning paths for your teams connected to relevant competencies. You can also validate learning and compliance by issuing certificates.

With Multi-Tenancy, you will be able to serve multiple entities (tenants) from a single installation. You can easily manage entities separately with great flexibility and at a lower cost.

Mirror your own organisational structure

With Organisational Structure, you can create your own structure to mirror your real-life organisation.

Dynamic Rules supports creating and managing automated tasks for several groups of users.

The power of face-to-face connection

Schedule Appointments, connect tutors with learners and provide human-led and personalised face-to-face learning experiences.

Build powerful reports, create and customise your own reports and track learners’ progress and performance.