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Moodle Services

We help you unlock the Moodle potential

Eummena makes use of a multidisciplinary approach incorporating technology, pedagogy and design to offer clients a well-rounded solution to their particular needs. We are partnering with Moodle to offer an array of services aimed at helping organization focus on bringing quality learning experiences to their learners. These services include installation and customization of learning management systems, web-hosting, technical support, consulting, professional training and Moodle teacher certification.

Why Moodle?

Moodle is the most widely used open-source learning management platform worldwide, currently at more than 100,000 sites in over 200 countries. Moodle was built to offer teachers, learners and administrators an integrated, allowing for high levels of interaction between the end users and the provided services. Moodle software is freely available to anyone to set up, or through certified partners like Eummena.

Moodle’s code is open for anyone to collaborate and it is freely shared with people all over the world. The idea of open source is sharing the goal, where people come together and work towards the same objective to collectively serve the community better.

Our Services



Our team takes care of Moodle system installation for your organization, from start to finish, so you can focus on what really matters which is delivering a quality learning experience for your users.



We support you in setting up remote and cloud hosting through our partners if you do not have the IT infrastructure.



We analyze user behavior in a detailed manner, generating reports with figures and findings that are important to your organization, ultimately helping you make data-informed decisions and avoid gut-feeling.



Your organization is like no other and therefore it has specific needs. We want your Moodle platform to reflect your organization’s unique characteristics and features by tailoring it to your preferences and expectations. This is the right way to support you in offering seamless experience for your users.



Eummena partners with you in training and building capacity of your staff where needed, making sure you are using the system to its maximum potential and not missing out on opportunities in offering your teachers and learners the best experience you can.



We offer support in different fields of expertise, covering technology, pedagogy, research and analytics. Eummena helps you to successfully implement your projects and professionally tackle the obstacles you may face along the way.



Take advantage of Eummena's hands-on technological, pedagogical and strategic expertise. Using our long and deep experience in EdTech allows us to understand the challenges your organisation may face and provide relevant and effective solutions that help you focus on your business.


Moodle Certification (MEC)

Eummena is one of the first Moodle Partners to offer a program for the new MEC (Moodle Educator Certificate) which replaces the old MCCC.
Our team is committed to sharing with you its pedagogical and technical mastery of Moodle, so that this certification is a real learning experience and contributes to your professional development, preparing you to stay relevant in the era of digital transformation.

Eummena takes pride in fostering a multidisciplinary talent from several regions from all over the world, allowing us to perceive problems from a holistic and multicultural perspective. Our staff has participated in the planning and implementation of nationwide projects worldwide.

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