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We offer the Naace SRF, a school improvement framework that addresses these concerns by prompting institutional self-reflection about the qualitative use of ICT, schools can then use it to create ICT implementation strategies within their institutions. On top of providing the SRF for schools to use, Eummena also offers the NaaceMark, an award granted to schools after a planned assessment visit to serve as evidence that such school integrates technology in an efficient and pedagogically-sound way, offering the best digital skills education to prepare children for the digital economy.

For a school to apply for the NaaceMark evaluation and certification, a school member must first be a member of Naace (generally people working in EdTech within the school). Once a member, the next step is to request the Self-Review Framework (SRF), a tool aimed to prompt self-reflection about your school’s EdTech practices and current status.

A school can only apply for a NaaceMark evaluation if their scores on the SRF are at least 2 (1 being the highest) in every indicator on the tool; it is ok to acknowledge that your school needs to work more on a specific area. Eummena offers consulting services for schools that aim to apply for the NaaceMark, helping them improve their EdTech practices and strategies based on the Naace SRF Framework of school improvement.

Once a school is awarded the NaaceMark, the award is valid for 3 years. After that time, a follow-up evaluation must be conducted to renew it and measure your school’s growth in EdTech practices. Once it reaches a certain level of excellence, schools can be advised to apply for the Naace Millennium Award, a distinction that shows the unique way your school uses technology through a video showcase and tour.

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