Educational Technology

A core component of Eummena’s vision is to facilitate the application of research and development, along with the effective use of technology and digital media (e-content) for superior human experience in education, training and lifelong learning, while promoting equal opportunities for all.

Strategy & Research

We are actively involved in Strategy and Policy making actions, guiding motivated local authorities and organisations to pursue change and impact for all people, unlocking the human potential. A main aspect of Eummena’s operation is its participation in targeted Research and Development actions, as a core partner of international research consortia. The focus of R&D is on the domains of expertise of Eummena’s team, with an emphasis of achieving synergies with society-oriented actions and sustainable outcomes with impact on real needs, unlocking the human potential across a broad range of regions and cultures. ... read more read less

EdTech Standards

Eummena has been active in standardisation activities early from its incorporation. Eummena’s experts participate in standardisation bodies, such as CEN (the European standardisation body), ISO, and national standardisation bodies.

Partners & Clients

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