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Eummena empowers your school, university, or company with Moodle learning solutions accustomed to your needs!

Moodle Workplace

Empower your team with personalised and collaborative learning experiences! Moodle Workplace supports your employees to continually learn new skills, keep up with compliance regulations and respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Moodle Educator Certification Program

Eummena offers the Moodle Educator Certification (MEC) program, developed by the education technology experts of Moodle HQ’s. This certificate enhances your reputation and puts you on the right track to advance your career with credentials that prove your capacity for online learning and digital skills.

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NAACE EdTech Accreditation

Eummena is the exclusive partner of ​Naace, the Education Technology Association in the UK, to provide services for institutional education technology maturity in the Middle East & Africa (MEA) Region. Consisting of (1) Naace Self-Review Framework (SRF), (2) NaaceMark Certification, and (3) Third Millennium Learning Award.

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Moodle Solutions

Moodle is the world’s most popular learning management system! As a Premium Moodle Partner, Eummena makes it yours! Our experts will guide you through the journey of building a powerful learning platform for your school, university and workplace. Discover what Moodle can do for you!

EdTech Services

Naace is the Education Technology Association of the UK, working towards the effective use of technology in teaching, learning and educational management! Learn how Eummena, the exclusive partner of ​Naace in the MEA region, will help your organisation apply the Naace’s Self-Review Framework and obtain the NaaceMark accreditation.

Innovation and Strategy

The world is evolving. Is your EdTech strategy up to the challenge? Eummena has been at the forefront of EdTech strategy and standardisation, consulting governments and policy makers in nation-wide and international initiatives. Let us work together to transform your unique needs into innovative solutions that make sense!

About Eummena

Eummena provides the full spectrum of activities towards transforming the way in which teaching and learning is delivered and supported with technology, starting from strategy development and strategic planning to project management and on-the-ground implementation.

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Evolvin' Women

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Thanks to the new learning platform provided by Eummena, Evolvin' Women has been able to enroll over 80 women since the launch, and delivered over 5000 training hours more than the previous year!

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